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3 apps to increase productivity, stop procrastination and much more

For some of us, productivity is more important than the task at hand. And that isn’t really a bad thing, because if you make it your aim to be more productive in you work, you’ll actually be making more of ‘it’ happen in less time. Hence giving you more time to work on other things or, even, give some extra time to yourself.

So here are some apps that I think would make you a master planner, a great organizer, and, more importantly, more productive.


  1. Online Notebook, Note taking, Research: Microsoft OneNote


    • It’s free!
    • Easy to understand interface
    • Interface is like an actual notebook. You have many note books which have sections which then have pages. This makes the interface very intuitive to use
  2. To do list, organizer: Wunderlist 


    Image courtesy:
    • There are literally hundreds of apps out there to handle your to-do list, but wunderlist is, hands down, the simplest app out there with no learning curve.
    • You can create different lists based on the genre of the task
    • Share the task between users
    • Most important features are free to use
  3. Events Reminder: Google Calender

Special mentions

  1. Online Notebook, Note taking, Research: Evernote
  2. To do list, organizer: Todoist

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