To-do lists: App vs paper

When things weren’t as advanced in the world of humans, they used to use have paper for noting anything down. But as time passed, technology advanced -the reign of machines got closer- the use to-do apps came to existence. People started to use these apps to take note of things that they used to remember or note on a piece of paper, and had to get done in the time to come.

And that begs the question, “Should I use an app to take note of things or just use a piece of paper (that is attached with other papers in a small book) to remember and plan the things that I have to get done?”.

Here is a list of famous to-do apps available

  • Todoist
  • Wunderlist
  • Carrot
  • Google Keep
  • HabitRPG
  • PocketLists
  • Calvetica
  • Todo7
  • 2do


Comment below with which method you prefer to plan your day, and if you use an app then which one.


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