Managing work, time, and reducing anxiety

Have you ever found asking yourself if you could handle this anymore or the work pressure is killing you or can you be more productive. If any of that is true, then read on.

For many of us, sometimes work gets confusing. This is not because we don’t understand what work we are doing but because we are unable to prioritize, organize, and execute our tasks. This then results in piling up of things and we end up multitasking. One thing to note is that human mind does not work efficiently when you’re multitasking between multiple tasks.


The process of handling more than one thing at a time, is done by many of us and for many reasons. Predominantly, this happens because we are crunched with time, but also when there are too many distractions or we lack the ability to focus on one particular thing at a time.
Ok, so many of us do this, so what? That must be your question. That’s a very valid question. Let’s talk science. Our brain is wired to do one task and do that well. When we try to act smart, and end up looking after more than one thing, we often end up making mistakes. It’s that simple. We just aren’t wired, mechanically, to handle more than one task and do it very — this is being said keeping in mind that there are always, very rare, exceptions.

Now since that questions covered, let’s talk about why we should avoid it given it’s already not clear. Consider the following hypothetical scenario:
Bob manages workers at a paper production factory. Apart from his daily activities he also needs to submit various reports to his higher ups, monthly. It’s the Monday of the last week of the month, and it so happens that Bob’s assistant suddenly took a leave this weak. Bob, thinking that it’s just the start of the week, focuses on smooth functioning of the daily operations instead of creating the boring reports. Tuesday comes, Bob now being a pretty diligent worker thinks it’s time to start working on that monthly report while looking after the operations. Suddenly news comes in that there will be surprise inspection today, and it will go on until Thursday. Now Bob is stuck doing three different things —  working with the report, ensuring that the inspector has everything he needs, and, most importantly, managing the daily operations.
You see, things don’t have a schedule, they don’t wait for you to complete your ongoing work, they just happen. Do you think Bob will be able to do all the things at hand without making any error? Do you think that it’s completely uncertain that nothing new will appear out of no where? What would be your response in such a situation.

Well, I’ll leave answering those questions to you. In the next coming posts, you’ll see how you can reduce pressure at work due to such instances, handle them correctly, and, lastly, be more productive in any type of situation.


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